DNA Thief (EP)

by Manufactured Soul

DNA Thief 06:00
So Close So Far Away DNA Thief So Close So Far Away The Data's Syncing So Close So Far Away The Light's Blinking DNA Thief I'm Just A.. DNA Thief You've Just Been... Took Out The Pieces Pieces Of Me Put Back Your Pieces Put Back In Me Took Out My Pieces Took Out Of Me Put Back Your Pieces Pieces, Pieces In Me "In the G's, A's, T's, and C's."
Automated 04:51
Remote Controlled Pigeonholed Left Out In The Cold I've Been Automated I've Been Automating You Remote Controlled Do What Your Told Pigeonholed Bought & Sold Left Out In The Cold Like You I've Been Automated I've Been Automating You "Automation Is Inevitable."
I'm Becoming Digital Blank Mind Blank Stare I Don't Care... Not Here Not There Not Anywhere... I'm Becoming Digital "We Need To Upload Our Minds."
Firewall 05:15
"Data Protection." Firewall Save Us All Firewall Standing Tall Firewall Never Fall Firewall Save Me... Save Me...
"Simulated Existence." "The Reality You See Around You, It's Not Real." "You Exist In A Simulation." "Simulated Existence." "A Disembodied Mind. In A Mega-Super Computer. That Would Be So Advanced, It'd Be Beyond Your Comprehension."


Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mark Westmeyer at:
MIDI Werks Recording Studio (Norfolk, VA)


released March 21, 2015

Mark Westmeyer: Sound Design, Instrumentation, Sampling, Programming, Lyrics, Vocals.


all rights reserved



Manufactured Soul Virginia Beach, Virginia

Manufactured Soul is the Electro-Industrial Music Project of Virginia Beach, VA based Mark Westmeyer.

There have been numerous Albums and EPs released over a 24 year span from (1997-2021) all of them now available on BandCamp.

The newest EP entitled "A.I. I Am" is currently in the Werks and will be available in mid 2021!
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